GAWA’s Young Geographer of the Year Competition 2024 – Entries now open!

GAWA’s Young Geographer of the Year Competition 2024

2024: Creating a Liveable Future

Following a global pandemic, a cost of living crisis and climate change there are a number of challenges which threaten the liveability of the places we call home. Students sitting in our classrooms today are the future leaders who will create solutions for the geographical challenges facing our society. Access to affordable housing, clean water, increasing food security and green spaces can all improve the liveability of our places.

This is the seventh year of GAWA’s Young Geographer of the Year’ competition.  The concepts of place, space, environment, interconnection and sustainability are central to the study of Geography. This year’s competition allows students to create a solution for a geographical challenge that threatens the liveability of a place at the local scale (within Western Australia).

Due date for all categories: Years 7 to 12 is: 3pm Thursday 18th July 2024

Please see flyer for detailed information.

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