Term One

26th February Friday, Week 4

Teacher professional development 1 – Year 11 and 12 Geography course refresher and curriculum focus for New and Inexperienced Geography Teachers.  Venue: South Perth Yacht Club

2nd March Tuesday, Week 5

Teacher professional development 2 – Year Year 7-10 HaSS Geography WA curriculum refresher and curriculum focus.  Venue: South Perth Yacht Club.

31st March Wednesday, Week 9

Student learning seminar 1 – Year 12 Unit 3 Depth Study 1, extra help with ATAR Geography.  Venue: SIDE 4.30-6.30pm and live streamed via Zoom.

29th March to 1st April, Monday to Thursday, Week 9

HaSS Week – Connecting Geography to future careers.


29th April to 2nd May, Thursday to Sunday, Week 2

Geography Careers Expo –  Venue: Perth Convention Centre

7th May Friday, Week 3

Teacher professional development 3 – Geography skills day. Part 1 – Planning and implementing an incursion. Part 2 – planning and implementing effective fieldwork in Cockburn Central

16th May Sunday, Week 4

Student ATAR revision seminar 1 – Year 12 Unit 3  ATAR Geography.  Venue: Notre Dame University and live-streamed via Zoom .

3rd July to 9th July, Term 2 Holidays

Geography Big Week Out


22nd July Thursday, Week 1

Joseph Gentilli Award – Nominations due for the Joseph Gentilli Award for Excellence in Geographical Education. Winner announced  at the GAWA Conference.

27th July Tuesday, Week 2

Young Geographer of the Year Award – Entries due and winners announced at the GAWA Conference.  Kindly sponsored by Alan May and Rick McMahon.

4th August Wednesday, Week 3

Student learning seminar 2 – Year 12 ATAR Geography Unit 4 Depth Study 2 Megacities New York/Tokyo.  Venue: SIDE 4.30-6.30pm.

13th and 14th August, Friday to Saturday , Week 4

Teacher professional development 4 – GAWA Conference.