Term One

4th March Friday, Week 5

Teacher professional development 1 – Unpacking and teaching the new Year 11 ATAR Geography Course  for New and Inexperienced Geography Teachers.  Venue: Burswood on Swan

8th March Tuesday, Week 6

Teacher professional development 2 – Year Year 7-10 HaSS Geography WA curriculum refresher and curriculum focus.           Venue: Burswood on Swan.

18th March Friday, Week 7

Teacher Professional development 3 – UN and FAO Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture. the sustainability aspects of fisheries and reef transect ideas. Venue: TBA.

12th  to 20th March, Saturday to Sunday, Week 7

5th April, Tuesday, Week 10

HaSS Week – Connecting Geography to future careers.

GeoNight 2022



15th May Sunday, Week 3

Student ATAR revision seminar 1 – Year 12 Unit 3  ATAR Geography.  Venue: [TBA] live-streamed via Zoom .



21st July Thursday, Week 1

Joseph Gentilli Award – Nominations due for the Joseph Gentilli Award for Excellence in Geographical Education. Winner announced  at the GAWA Conference.

25th July Monday, Week 2

Young Geographer of the Year Award – Entries due and winners announced at the GAWA Conference.  Kindly sponsored by GAWA.

12th – 13th August, Friday to Saturday , Week 4

Teacher professional development 4 – GAWA Conference.

10th September Sunday, Week 8

Student ATAR revision seminar 3 – Year 12 ATAR Geography revision Units 3 & 4. Venue: TBA live-streamed on Zoom.


29th October Friday, Week 3

Teacher professional development 5 – Based on SCSA syllabus changes. [TO BE CONFIRMED]