GAWA Office – COVID-19 Lockdown

To all GAWA Members

  1. Due to the current COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, the GAWA Office will be maintained remotely by Office staff working at home.  Consequently, we will be limited in the services we can offer this week.
  2. Th GAWA Office is currently in the process of changing over to the NBN network.  As part of this change our current telephone service is being transferred.  The lockdown will cause a delay in this process and GAWA will not have a landline or VoIP ‘phone service until the changeover is complete, which now will not happen until next week (probably).  However, using borrowed equipment, we have set up a temporary internet service so we can still operate our email services.  So, if you need to contact GAWA, please use email as the means of communication and we will endeavour to handle your enquiries as best we can.
  3. Consult the GAWA website at:     for information concerning PDs & Resources.
  4. This lockdown period provides a good opportunity for Members to renew their GAWA membership for 2021.  Membership renewal forms can be obtained form the GAWA website.  We will process your renewal as soon as possible.