2020 GAWA Secondary Conference "Geography - the year of Hazards" (14th August)


COVID, CITIES and CLIMATE Professor Peter Newman

Workshop 1

1.1 Global environmental change – invasive species and fire, Professor Samantha Setterfield

1.2 Global environmental change – Bees

Workshop 2

2.1  Implementing Years 7  to 10 HASS SCSA, Carolyn  Fleischer

2.2 Bushfire in our fire-prone environment, Stephen Crane and Joselyn Juraszek.  Fire Booklet, Useful websites, Useful resources

2.3 Hazard Management in Heavy Industry: Using 21st century Learning IT tools, Susan Martin. PowerPoint

2.4 Immersive learning with Google Expeditions', Zina Cordery.  PowerPoint

Workshop 3

3.1 Risk, vulnerability, exposure, adaptation, mitigation, Disaster!, Dr Byran Boruff. PowerPoint

3.2 Microsoft Office 365 for Humanities, Zina Cordery. PowerPoint

3.3 Using Minecraft to learn and teach Geography, Steven Payne.

Workshop 4

4.1 Education for Sustainability Through Challenge-based Learning, Rees Barrett.

4.2 Biosecurity – Protecting production systems from pests and disease, Rosalie Macauley.

4.3 Education Perfect, Nick Bell. 

Professional Learning 1 - Year 11 and 12 Geography ATAR course refresher (28th February)