GAWA welcomes membersip from anyone and all who have an interest in learning and teaching about Western Australian Geography.


Primary School Membership Application/Renewal 2018


Secondary School Membership Application/Renewal 2018


Secondary Individual Metropolitan (If paying personally)
$90.00GST included
Secondary Individual Country (if paying personally)
$67.50GST included
Secondary Institution Metropolitan (if Institution paying)per teacher$99.00plus GST
Secondary Institution Country (if Institution paying)
per teacher$74.25plus GST
Corporate Membership$165.00plus GST
Student Membership $10.00GST included


  • Country is defined as: All places/localities within the following WA Government Educational Districts: Albany, Bunbury, Esperance, Goldfields, Kimberley, Mid West, Midlands, Narrogin, Pilbara and Warren-BlackwoodFor Individual (Country)and Institution (Country) memberships.
  • Institutional Membership is available to any of the following enterprises: School; College; University; or other education institution.This type of Membership can cover 1 or more teachers;
  • Corporate Membership may be extended to a Business Organisation or a Professional Association;
  • Student Membership is available to a student enrolled full-time at any educational institution:
  • All fees include a mandatory AGTA affiliation fee (except corporate membership).  

                                             How do you wish to receive the Bulletin?

Members are now given the choice of the format of the Bulletin they receive an electronic  version (emailed with colour photos etc) of the Bulletin or a hard copy (as per previous occasions). Please consider your choice wisely!

Meckering Fault Line   Kakadu NP