GAWA's Upcoming PL

Details about November's PL Session on the P to 10 AC. Click here for details.

GAWA's Facebook

Social media is taking over GAWA! Have you checked out GAWA's Facebook Page? There are all sorts of interesting links and articles.Search for 'GAWA - Geographical Association of Western Australia'.

GAWA's Yr 12 Revision

Yr 12 students take note - T4 Revision Seminar is on at UWA Saturday 17th October 8.45am. Click here for more details.

GAWA's Unit 3/4 2016 Text

Click here for more details on the Year 12 textbook.

GAWA's Fieldwork Competition

Go to the Competitions Page for more details.

GAWA's 2015 PL Calendar

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AGTA Resources

Click here for more details on 'Being a Citizen'

Promoting Geography

Go to the News and Geography Promotion Page.




The theme will be 'Change'. If you've got a unit of work on this theme, and happy to share it, send it to the GAWA office. You will be acknowledged!





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